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That is what TƎT stands for and what to expect

Reiki I & II (Usui)

My first energy education in the nineties was Reiki. It is a way to transmit universal energy (which is all around us) to yourself or someone else. The body may be touched, but not necessarily. 

Reiki is a perfect method for remote treatments. Pets and larger animals enjoy Reiki a lot also!

The energy goes where the body needs it the most, that is a beautiful way of getting healed. Sometimes with a surprisingly different outcome! Reiki is a gentle, kind healing method; our bodies always get the right amount of energy. 


Janosh Energy Therapy

Janosh is a Dutch artist, healer en innovator. He developed a special therapy based upon Sacred Geometry which brings us into contact with our sub-counsciousness. It is a one on one method; not many words are needed here, the focus lies on getting to the core quickly. With this method we can use the beautiful Janosh cardboxes. The cards have geometrical images and the cards never lie! Coincidence does not exist...

Holographic Healing I & III Marilyn Harper

With this method we feel, see, hear and/or know remotely what is going on in the body, know the blockages within ourselves or others.

Marilyn Harper is an internationally known channel and she developed this method. 

It is called "Quantum Vision" and after we feel, see, etc. what the inconveniences are, we can proceed with treatment. Holographic Healing is an amazing technique to help the body heal itself through quantum energy, intention and visualization.

Intuitive (energy) healing

Usualy we start with a hands on energy healing while you are lying down. It can be a combination of Reiki and just letting the energies flow; clearing the body, calming the mind, work on stress and fear releasement.
There are exercises you can practise for getting grounded and clear your chakra's and aura yourself.

Great tools -to keep the energy flow going- are the
Magic Bottled products; the Elixir mists and Pure drops wil help you getting cleared and even importantly, will help you to ground. Grounding is very important; it means that you are very connected to our earth and stand firm.  Walking in nature is very good, barefoot in summertime even better! You will find it easier to make decisions, being more balanced, feeling happier. 
During these sessions cloths are on, the energy flows by itself.

behandeling met een crystaljpg


Coaching sessions are possible through Skype, by phone of physically in Rotterdam. Often coaching is part of energy healing as a natural proces, of course it can be booked seperately for whatever you wish to work on. It is for grown ups as well as for children.

 Biophilia®Tracker Software

This is a 4D program (classical bio resonance (meta) therapy. It is a computer program which shows the condition of your whole body, upto cellulair level. You will be connected to the computer by headphones. Special equipment is built in the ear pieces for measuring the frequencies of each organ. After scanning we can immediately add frequencies to the organs and help regain the self healing properties of our organs, our bodies. 

This is a process, you can imagine that some disturbances which are chronic, take more time to recuperate than a "new" complaint.

This program give us a very real experience; we look at the screen together and are able to scan all layers of the tissue, so we can see which part of the body needs extra help. In most cases you will feel better after the first session. When the body starts to heal it gives great satisfaction.  

The Biophilia®Tracker is a very gentle method and suitable for adults and children. 


The reversed E stands for the energy which is everywhere; in us, around us. Everything is energy. Which enters the body and leave us again, the energy which feeds us, which makes us healthy again. 

Energy balances the body and mind, there is no separation. The goal is always to stimulate the self healing properties of our bodies. We all posess these abilities, let's train them! 



The tools are our handmade Magic Bottled Elixir Mists and Pure Energy Drops. These are high frequency energy supporters and help us with healing and changing processes. 

Choose from our different Elixirs; for love, help with fears, grounding properties, speaking issues, etc. We sell pure frequency waters or infused with essential oils, for even more enhancement and lovely smell.

The Energy Drops we sell in the shop are of great help in case of anxiety, hay fever, need to feel grounded and for shielding; protecting your energy fields. 

If you have a special request, let us know!                                                

Composing is our passion.. 

The drops go to the core of the disturbance, blockage or complaint. They do not combat symptoms! 

The Pure Energy Drops are based upon Sai Sanjeevini (Eternal Health) subtle frequencies from India. The frequencies are established by intense prayers and all beautiful healing powers of Mother Nature. They act on the physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual levels. 

Our handmade copper symbols -stars- work immediately on fears and even severe anxiety. Simply by touching, holding them. They can be worn as a necklace (the small ones), so you have it always near to you. De bigger size is perfect for a pet, just slip it under the cat's or dog's blanket and let them lie down. It is great for a nervous animal on New Year's Eve too if you live in a city with a lot of fireworks.                           

We have some jewellery in the shop to choose from. Some are charged with negative ions for a life time of support. Small bottles to fill with whatever you like, some sand from your favourite beach, or maybe a few drops of essential oil. 

You will also find waterfilters "on the go", and coasters charged with negative ions for healthy drinks, foods, plants and flowers, they will stay fresh much longer.

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