Information Pure Energy Drops


- A spiritual healing method which activates
our bodies self healing capacities -

As a base for the Pure Energy Drops we use vitalized (magnetically stirred) water,
with frequencies of the purest waters, directly from their source
- This is extremely grounding and connect us with our cosmos as well -

The drops are bottled in blue glass pippette bottles (30 ml) 

 We can add Blossom Remedies, Chakra Balance, Protection, No-Panic,
Hay Fever-cure frequencies, etc.
We have several in stock but we love to be creative as well, tell us your needs!

How to use: start with 3 x daily 3 drops. As the drops are completely safe
you can also be a little creative with this and see how your body responds;
you can choose to take 5 x daily 1 drop.
This is worth trying in hay fever season. 
(more frequent intake is useful, more drops is not effective)

​​The base of the Pure Energies are Sai Sanjeevini - healing frequencies - and originate from India. This entire healing method 

For this healing method powerful prayers and mantra's are used for each and all complaints and illnesses. 

We have a few Pure Energies in stock, f.i. the Hay Fever drops; they work well and do not make you sleepy at all. We also have Shield Me drops in stock, to protect your energy field, your aura. No Panic! drops help us with fears, anxiety, almost immediately.  

New are the Sleep - in' beauty drops for a good night's sleep! Of course in stock also.

The drops do wonders for adults, children and pets and are never harmful. Blossom Remedies (we have several to choose from) can also be added. Be and stay always interested though, why problems or discomfort occur(s). 

All mists and drops are self-contained and work on specific complaints, discomforts. When combined with treatment/therapy, the results may speed up effectively. With energy healing our goal is to trigger the self-healing capacities of the body. All our bodies have these properties. 

PLEASE read all information on the drops, see the end of this page.

with added Sanjeevinis:

  • A combination to go to the root of the "why". 
  • For inner peace
  • A combination for coping with sleeping disorders
  • Frequencies to calm the nerves down
  • Therefore it is easier for the muscles to relax also
These drops help to fall asleep quite quickly. Also valuable is: they help you sleep again after waking up in the middle of the night. The drops can be taken at this point again. 

Just experiment a little.  


with added Sanjeevinis:

  • Allergies, hay fever
  • Discomfort around the eyes, ears, nose, cavities
  • Infection and inflammation

The drops are also effective in case of allergy to animals, dust mites, etc. 
They will not make you feel sleepy.

with added Sanjeevinis:

  • Emergency combination
  • Cramps, pain
  • Protection against fear, anxiety
  • Injury combination

Added blossom remedy frequencies; Rock Rose, Star of Bethlehem. These energies do wonders when in (extreme) fear, heart palpitations. You calm down almost immediately. 

with added Sanjeevinis:

  • Protects therapists while testing other humans.
  • Protects the body against geopathic load and electrosmog, especially when they influence the throat, heart and solar plexus.
  • Protects against dark energy and entities
  • Helps against fears
  • Balances left and right hemisphere of the brain
  • Gives spiritual protection above the crown and under the feet. (You will be "cocooned" in the protective earth energy)

There is also an Elixir Mist Shield Me available in the store. 

This is a "rainbow" combination for development and growth. It helps you to be open for new experiences and leaving the old behind. 

It makes you more creative and helps you to develop you skills. Not to be changed today, but yesterday. The rainbow gives new impulses and makes you aware of possible blockages which can obstruct growth and development. 

Added Sanjeevinis and their properties:
1.  Base chakra  
   Situated at the base of the spine. The colour is red; it hightens your energy and vigilance. 

   For new life force energy, The drops help with lower back issues; these occur when we

     have difficulties in releasing.

2. Sacral chakra
     Situated in the lower abdomen area. The colour is orange; is related to sexual energy; 

     quality and quantity. Represents the power of deep emotions. Taking control over our own live 

     gratitude for life, creativity, issues of the reproductive system. Self love and victim consciousness.

3. Pancreas chakra
     Situated in the navel area. Colour is yellow; grounded wmotional well being. Related to our

     individual sense of power and unique place in the universe. Sense of self-esteem. Digestive issues,

     disturbance of personal power and strength of will. Self determination and self discipline. 

4. Heart chakra
     Situated in the centre of the sternum. Colour is green; is being associated with the heart,

     harmony and balance. (Unconditional) love, self-love, friendship, heartproblems, stress, 

     blood pressure and lung issues.      

5. Throat chakra
     Situated at the base of the neck. Colour is blue. Promotes peace, calmness and involvement. 

     For spiritual growth, communication with self and others. Self expression and self confidence.      .

6. Third Eye chakra
     Situated between the eyebrows. Colour is indigo. For creation and manifestation. 

     Inner sight/sixth sense and spiritual development.

7. Crown chakra
     Situated at the top of the head. Colour is violet/white. Input of incoming energies. For universal

     consciousness, harmony, being in balance/becoming balanced.

8. Purity chakra
    Situated above the head.  Colour is silver. This is a connection point to higher dimensional 

    spiritual energies.      
9. Cosmic chakra
    Colour is gold. Is connected with the universe, the "All". For discovering inner power. 

    Being conscious of the whole/unity.
10. Love chakra
     Colour is pink, connected with the heart. Supports emotional development. For a more loving                   relationship with ourselves and others.       
11. Earth chakra
      Colour is brown. Helps to combine energy and will. Being well connected to life and being able to              cope with life. To be able to use the power/force of Mother Nature. Being content. 

12. Balance chakra
      Colour is any colour, which ever is right for you, what you see, feel.. To bring balance, to be able to          harmonize and promote communication between body, spirit and mind. 

If you do some research on the internet on chakra's nowadays, you will see many different names, colours, shapes, etc. and also where they are located.

For the Pure Energy Drops I use the chakra layout of Sanjeevini, as shown above. 

Please be aware! The Pure Energy Drops do not replace any regular medication from your MD or specialist. Do not stop taking your medication, always consult your doctor first. These drops, as wel as the Biophilia drops can be taken alongside your regular medication. All Magic Bottled Products are stimulating the self healing properties of our bodies and are absolutely harmless for humans and animals. Please take notice of our general conditions, disclaimer and privacy statements.