Information Elixir Mists

The Elixir Mists en Pure Energies are all being handmade and based upon vitalised and purified water with pure source water frequencies from Scotland, Siberia and India. 
For as long as I remember I am fascinated by water. The taste of pure water, the cleansing and nourishing properties are so beautiful. And being able to add frequencies to the water and changing the characteristics is most surprising. A great example is the work of Dr. Emoto, you can watch this on Youtube.
The Elixir Mists have excellent grounding properties, which is essential for our lives, our well being. Being well connected to Mother Earth means you are well connected to life; you stand firm en probably feel stable and you will find it easier to make decisions. 
Our Elixirs are always connected to/based upon a powerspot or holy surroundings, or just a special place to me; where I am drawn to.

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 A little fabric bag will protect the delicate white matt glass in your purse

During the process I often add the frequencies of semi precious stones (crystals) for a certain time, so their qualities are tranferred to the Elixirs as well. 

In the shop are two options to choose from; with (mostly BIO) or without added essential oils (E.O.). For healthy shelf life I add a little Bio Wodka to all Elixirs with E.O.

Try the differences; in meetings, with a lot of people, at home, in your car, in your practice/shop, just be creative with it. If you need any advice please let us know. 

All mists and drops are self-contained and specially designed for specific needs and complaints. Combined with treatment/therapy the results can be considerably accelerated. 

All elixirs are freshly bottled and sealed. They come in beautifully handmade white, matt glass bottles with a gold coloured screw cap. The content is 100 ml. The bulb spray is separate, easy to screw on and easily opened and closed. A good travel companion!                       

- All thouroughly -and only- tested on humans - 

Magic Bottled - Elixirs

definitions of elixir:

- noun -

a magical or medicinal potion
"an elixir guaranteed to induce love"

​All mists are based upon vitalised/purified water with frequencies of waters
from their purest sources.
All finished products ground you and connect you with the cosmos;
fully balanced. 

NOW Mist

  • Very suited for Indigo and Crystal children
  • Works on all chakras and connects them
  • Clears and protects the aura (powerful energetic shielding)
  • Keeps your energy clean
  • Makes courageous, gives good appearance and perseverance
  • Helps you to stand in your power, is stabilizing and calming
  • Opens and protects the heart and helps you to listen to your heart
Five different essential oils are added, among which Saro - Cinnamosma Fragrans and
Blue (Australian) Cipres - Callitris Intratropica
The original qualities of this Elixir Mist are being enhanced by the combination of oils:

It gives more structure to thoughts, helps when fears arise (phobias also), lack of energy and stress.   
Fights depression, reduces anxiety, vitalizes, stimulates the immunesystem. Helps with all kinds of transition periods; moving house, job change, ending relationships, etc. It enhances the feelings of dedication and generosity. 


  • Works on all chakra’s; is especially very grounding
  • Aura and space enlarging so that you can be more yourself     
  • Gives powerful protection: 
    • Gives powerful shield against negative energy 
    • Transforms negative energy
  • Relaxes, silences the mind
  • Helps to de-stress and to release cramps
  • Balances the left and right brain (female & male)
  • Helps to stay strong and to overcome challenges in difficult situations
  • Raises your vibration, which automatically is your protection against lower energies 
  • Can be sprayed directly onto the body as often as necessary in case of pain
Six different essential oils are added, among which Vetiver - Vetiveria Zizanoides and 
Rosemary - Rosmarinus Officinalis
The original qualities of this Elixir Mist are being enhanced by the combination of oils:

For protection and power; this is a powerful stimulating oil which works on the 6th. chakra, it stimulates the brain and mental labor. On a subtle level it brings clear thoughts. This mix is grounding, helps against mental exhaustion and tiredness. Joy of life and lust for life is being stimulated and makes life easier. It has great purifying abilities. (good for purifying spaces, like a meditation room) It also works well for developing creativity. 


  • Works on all chakra's, especially on the heartchakra (unconditional love)
  • Opens the heart
  • Helps to develop or restore self love; provides a solid foundation 
  • For selfrespect
  • Gives self-confidence
  • Makes it easier to put things in perspective, allowing you to let go lovingly and gives a stable and balanced feeling
  • Gives sense of warmth and feeling secure

Six different essential oils are added, among which Vanilla -  vanilla planifolia and
Geranium "African"- pelargonium x asperum
The original qualities of this Elixir Mist are being enhances by the combination of oils:

It is a calming mix of oils, energizes the heart. Irritation and tension are being reduced, which makes it easier to let other feelings in. Fear, depression and sadness can be reduced also. Cardiac arrhythmnias and palpitations can be normalised, more at ease, steady. This mix balances the lower and higher chakra's, which gives a more harmonious feeling. This can be calming as wel as stimulating. Especially for the Solar Plexus; extreme emotions will be softened in this area. It helps you to integrate spirituality into daily life. Extra grounding properties are added to this elixir. 


  • Works on all chakra's and the auric field (purifying and reinforcing)
  • Helps with anxiety, phobias, warms the heart, helps to let go matters of the heart, is comforting
  • Against being restless, being over emotional, gloomy thoughts (depression and melancholy), intestinal discomfort
  • Increases clarity, insights, gives power (earth energy)
  • Against mental fatigue, supports mental processes
  • Drains negative energy, gives perseverance and strength in difficult times
  • Makes happy and keeps the energy positive

Eight different essential oils are added, among which Lemongrass - cymbopogon flexosus and
Naiouli - melaleuca viridiflora
The original qualities of this Elixir Mist are being enhanced by the combination of oils:

Fights fysical and psychic exhaustion. Is uplifting, makes full of life. Helps to detox waste from the body, is a powerful anti-inflammatory agent. Clears the head, gives you focus. Helps against nervousness, exitement, is calming all feelings of fear rapidly and helps when feeling  depressed. It is an energizer and stress releaser. Helps to make you sleep better again. 


  • Balances the chakra's
  • Helps you to set up your own protection
  • Makes you feel more powerful and makes you literally stand upright
  • For self-esteem
  • Encourages to do new things; creation and transformation
  • Connects us with the life-giving waters of Avalon and the magical energies of the ley lines of the area
  • Carries the frequencies of the healing, soothing and inspiring Chalice Well in peaceful Glastonbury
  • Connects with the magical energies of Stonehenge

This beautiful balancing elixir is very suitable for sensitive men as well; you will appreciate the goddess and wicca combination. Just try..

Eight different essential oils are added, among which Incense - boswellia sacra and 

Caraway - carum carvi
The original qualities of this Elixir Mist are being enhanced by the combination of oils:

This is a stimulating, sensual, calming and aromatic essential oil mix. It clears the mind and gives a relaxt feeling. It balances body and mind; balances higher and lower chakra's. An uplifting and stimulating solution when feeling depressed and exhausted.


  • Works on all chakra’s but especially the throat chakra
  • Creativity is being stimulated, creates space for new things, ideas and self-expression
  • It teaches you how to deal with emotions and feelings and helps you to be in harmony
  • Stimulates self-respect, assertiveness, strength, insights. The more these qualities are anchored into your system, the more you can speak your own truth in love and wisdom
  • Strengthens the thymus and therefore the immune system
  • Opens the chest to breath deeply, makes the heart free 

Six different essential oils are added, among which Roman Camomille - anthemis nobilis and
Star Anise - illicum verum
The original qualities of this Elixir Mist are being enhances by the combination of oils: 

Is most effective on the throat chakra; both fysically as emotionally. Powerful when communication is desired and the truth can be spoken without anger or bitterness. This mix stimulates the thyroid gland. Is refreshing when mentally tired and helps to concentrate again. Old thinking patterns can fade away, as well as obsessive behaviour. The oils work on regaining pride and a healthy self esteem.


  • Works on all chakra’s, especially on the heart chakra, it opens the higher chakra’s  
  • Cleanses the chakra’s, meridians and immune system
  • Aligns the chakra’s
  • Takes you to the level of unity consciousness
  • Brightens the inner and outer eyes
  • Helps you remember (Akashic Records)
  • Connects with the energy of pure, loving primal power of the Dragon lightbeings
  • Gives pure light power; light stored in the crystalline bodies of the Dragons used for creation, communication and for direct manifestation of positive thoughts
  • Helps to awaken the dragon fire within you, making you reconnect to your old ability to work with the Cosmic Fire for co-creation with the Divine
- The Dragons are the higher dimensional carriers of the Cosmic fire or Angel fire - 

Seven different essential oils are added, among which Bergamot peel -
citrus aurantium ssp bergamia  and
Juniper berry - juniperus ssp commiunis
The original qualities of this Elixir Mist are being enhanced by the combination of oils:

Works mainly on the heart chakra. It has the ability to calm all feelings of heat and restlessness. Is a joy giver, for everybody. Structurizes our thoughts, refreshes a tired mind, lets us look inside.
Helps with breaking ties from the past, especially when personal development is being delayed/blocked.
Envelops us with warmth and stimulates creativity. Clears spaces from any energy; is a purifier, detoxifier for body and mind. Especially useful for people who tend to take over energy from others easily.

This mist is based on the purest Ganges water, directly from the mountains, (from its source) That gives a soft, feminine energy to this water.  

  • This mist provides a great connection with the earth
  • It cleanses and protects the aura
  • Has whales and dolphins energy (guardians of the Akash)
  • Has Agartha energy (inner earth)
  • The energy of the ascended masters has been added
  • Contains the Flower of Life energy, Galina and Tiger Iron, both grounding crystals
  • Bach Flower Remedy Cherry Plum (against fear) frequency is added
  • Helps to regain contact with our original, primal feelings of trust 
  • The eleventh chakra is added; the earth chakra helps to bring the will and the energy together to be able to stand firm and being able to cope with earthly life
  • Helps to master overwhelming feelings 
  • Let's us live in harmony with the environment

Eight different essential oils are added, among which Melissa - melisse officinalis and
Bay Laurel - laurus nobilis
The original qualities of this Elixir Mist are being enhanced by the combination of oils: 

This sweet, fresh aroma seems to blow fear and sorrow away. It has general calming abilities which soothes nervous people. It fights pain and cramps and also helps in case of pessimism, apathy, doubt and grief. This mix is purifying and strenghtens the immune system. It provides energy for the heart and is overall relaxing. Balances body and mind.

This elixir has come alive in Montserrat, Spain. Montserrat is a holy plaats, beautifully situated in the mountains. The energy is high and the air filled with ancient memories. In the monastery is a beautiful statue of the Black Madonna with baby Jesus. These energies are integrated in the Sacred Light mist, together with Mary Magdalene frequencies. While there a channeling Mother Mary took place and she explained:

  • This mist especially brings light and dispels all gloom 
  • Basically everyone should use this elixir mist 
  • Takes care of a well developed Pineal Gland
  • Aligns the chakra's
  • Works mostly on the Unity Consciousness 
  • Clears dark and dense energies
  • All energies of Montserrat and surroundings are integrated; the monastery, the basilica, the mountains, the ruins of Mary Magdalene's chapel..
Five different essential oils are added, among which Rosewood -  aniba rosaeodora var.amazonica     and Mirthe - myrtus communis ct myrtenyl 
The original qualities of this Elixir Mist are being enhanced by the combination of oils:

Works on the 1st and 7th chakra. This mix has a calming effect without loosing alertness. It is taking care of a clearing and purifying atmosphere. Helps you to come clean with yourself. Also helps to create clear thoughts and space for yourself. This is strongly grounding, but also lets you connect more with your Higher Self. For self esteem, courage and peace. 

This mist is made in Siberia; from the surroundings of Altai and Balukha. These are high frecency areas where nature is wild and beautiful. The purest water flows from their source in the mountains down the streams where you can fill your waterbottle generously all day long. This beautiful area is only accessible a few weeks a year, because of the rugged landscape and extreme temperatures. 

We found the magical AE Michael chapel on our way to Balukha, the beautiful lake at Balukha and the ethereal residence of AE Michael, the Shamballa. It is a well known area for the Siberian Shamans as well, who reside here. All of these precious frequencies are incorporated in the mist. 

  • Pure and clear water from the mountains and Spirit Lake is the base for this mist
  • Works on all chakra's; opens your 3rd eye widely
  • Makes you feel safe and gives trust
  • Let you experience the AE Michael energy, which is highly protective and powerful
  • Helps you to remember you inner knowing
  • This mist makes it easier for you to let go, on emotional level
  • Is strongly calming and stops feelings of exhaustion
  • Leaves you in a state of awe
  • Opens your heart
  • This mist is very suited for parents or care takers of restricted children

Seven different essential oils are added, among which Ho-leaf - cinnamomum camphora hosho
Siberian Spruce - abies siberica
The original qualities of this Elixir Mist are being enhanced by the combination of oils:

Is uplifting and strenghtens the mind. Helps to create a peaceful environment and eases feelings of anger. Emotional wounds can be healed faster. Calms nervousness, is an anti- depressant. It brings us lifeforce and gives energy in times of physical and psychic weakness. It had a positive effect on our respiratory tract.


  • Connects you to the Violet Flame - Ascendent Master, St. Germain is the keeper of the beautiful and powerful Violet Flame; the Flame can be used for protection, purifying and clearing - 
  • This mist is very grounding, purifying and alings the chakra's
  • Disturbances/blockages are touched and then being restored
  • Works on the 3rd eye, opens the crown and soulstar chakra (above the crown); the cosmic energy finds it way through the physical body to the earth
  • Connects with the angels
  • Tanzine Aura Crystal helps you to get in contact with AE Raziel 
  • Helps you to open your heart
  • For you inner children
  • Converts negativity into positivity
  • Feelings of separation are solving
  • Assists in releasing karma and freeing you from problems which influenced your past 
  • Strenghtens the nervous system
  • Helps in case of insomnia
  • Helps when mentally confused, especially epilepsy and "mental" headache, depression and ADHD
Seven different essential oils are added, among which Cinnamon peel -
cinnamomum zeylanicum and
Nerolina - melaleuca quinquenervia
The original qualities of this Elixir Mist are being enhanced by the combination of oils:
This mix is calming and soothing and makes less stress sensititve. It also helps to be able to cope with grief. It improves the ability to sleep. Makes energetic and improves the immune system. It eases psychic pressure. Balances the higher and lower chakra's and is refreshing. 


  • Vitalizes and refreshes
  • Is highly regenerating and cell renewing 
  • Softens the skin and prevents irritable skin 
  • Is instantly calming 
  • Nourishes 
  • Clears and protects
  • Gives a soft and lovely appearance
  • The Neroli (orange blossom) makes you feel happy
  • This beautiful and precious essential oil makes this mist very suited for all skin types
  • How to use:
    Give it a little shake before use; separation is natural. Spray after cleansing (morning and evening!) on the face and moisturize and nourish when the skin is still damp. This helps the active ingredients to penetrate the skin.
    The spray can be used at any time; for a lovely luxurious feel and a splash of freshness whenever you need it. You can also fixate your make-up with a quick spray all over the face and neck. Spray at a little distance to prevent your mascara from smudging.

    The scent of Neroli is magic and balances all skin types and suited for all skin lovers... It does not leave you skin with a greasy feel.

Neroli (Orange blossom) is connected to purity
The scent brings us into contact with our Higher Self
The effect on body and mind is deeply calming 

..For all information on the Elixir Mists, please read on..