You have just reached  TƎT & MAGIC BOTTLED , welcome! 

We offer our handmade Elixirs & Drops, energy therapy; on-line and in house, Biophilia®Tracker (only in Rotterdam); this is classical bio-resonance (meta) therapy. We also offer coaching sessions. 

Our MAGIC BOTTLED Elixir Mists & Pure Energy Drops are handmade and very pure. Our shop offers  quite a variety of frequency waters to help conquer all kinds of possible disturbances in the body. Do not hesitate to contact us if you wish more info, we are happy to assist. 

We sell 2 sorts of Elixir Mists; with or without added essential oils. The Pure Energy Drops are pure frequency waters without essential oils. They can be enriched with flower/blossom frequencies. 

In our store you will also find quantum energy products for purifying water, crystals for a good night's sleep and others for shielding, some jewellery and more.. 


Elixir Mist Fear Fighter, a large Fear Fighter Star and a 

10 ml Fear Fighter purse spray (refillable)