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I am doing a training at the Neo Shamanic School.

There is a healing protocol set up by Christof Melchizedek that has been 

tested and proven to be very beneficial for those people who 

suffer from breathing/respiratory issues. 

What is happening with the virus is that it is leaking toxins from 

the cells and this is creating a lot of fluids into the lungs.

That means a lack of oxigen (Asphyxiation) in the system.

In de Neo Shamanic School, healing of the human energy field 

(the field around the body, the aura) is being taught.

In this case of the Corona virus, it means 

there are a lot of toxic substances.

By removing the toxins it means a great relief for the lungs and the heart.

If you are ill -or someone you know is- and wish to get free healings,
please leave your data and a short message on the form below.

I will get in touch with you!

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I would like to explain a bit more about healing. 

Normally we do the healings "hands on", ofcourse now in times

of Corona this is not recommended.
No worries, I do the healing remotely with the same results as hands on,
while you are in your own environment.

Before I start working an energetic protective shield is being placed around you.
The healing will take approx. 1,5 hours.

Here you see the 7 major chakra's in the body.

Every chakra is connected to a certain gland or organ. 

By treating/healing the chakra's one also influences the organs/glands in the body.

The energy field or aura has 7 layers, and is influenced by the 7 chakra's, v.v.

The aura and chakra's are worked on to clear blockages, mucus and toxic substances, 

especially around the area of the lungs and the heart.

You will certainly notice a positive effect after the first healing.

For best results I offer healings every other day

If you wish to get free healings, please leave your name, address, 

date of birth and phone number together with 

a short message on the form below.

I will get in touch with you!