About me

My name is Tineke Diederik (1961) and I live in Rotterdam.

Originally I am a beauty specialist. Because of eczema I was forced to leave this beautiful profession at a young age. A total switch was the consequence. 

The love and passion for it never left me though.      I have been searching for holistic solutions for combatting the eczema effects ever since. Always seeing the body, mind and spirit as a whole, never seperately. 

For instance, are there allergies, what effects have certain foods on my skin and other organs, like intestines, liver, pancreas. Often skin problems are major stressors and obviously effecting the skin. 

Gradually I started to make frequency waters in spray form and later on the drops originated;  years later TƎT & Magic Bottled became a fact. Water has the ability to store memories. You can enrich the most beautiful waters, straight from source, add the best frequencies and there you have it.. Magic Bottled!

When you realize that our bodies consist of nearly 80% of water, you can imagine that enriched water can do wonders for us. And not only by drinking it!

Our aura -the energy fields around our bodies- co-operates with the chakra's. Each chakra is linked to certain organs. By spraying the Elixir Mists in the auric field, the frequencies penetrate the aura, get to the chakra's and will finally influence the organs. The self healing properties of the body will start to react.

During my ongoing search I came into contact with all kinds of energy works. I took different classes; Reiki I & II (Usui) were the first. Janosh Energetische Therapy followed later on and I joined the classes of Marilyn Harper; Holographic Healing, a.o.

Intuitive (energy) healing is often a combination to offer you the best. We also coach, through Skype, by phone, or physically in Rotterdam, or any other address, a lot is possible.

I regularly meet parents of young kids (they mostly are 8 - 9 years old) who suffer from severe anxiety or fears. Sometimes the are being bullied, not sleeping very well and getting depressed. 

Here you can watch a little intro. You can switch on the subtitles underneath the screen. 
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